Sunday, March 05, 2006

Memories of the Sun

Greeting from snowy Highland, Indiana. Brr.... I'm writing this after we got a couple of inches of SNOW!! Here are some pictures from a little while back when the weather was nice enough to take Addy on a walk in her wagon, her Christmas gift from Grandfather & TuTu.

Next, check out Addy with part of her fan club. Steve-O, Nate-Dog & Robert-O (aka R$) love letting Addy help lead worship at Axis.... and she loves helping :) Here is a shot of her playing Nate's guitar and hanging with "the guys."

Finally, here's a shot of Addy where you can see her teeth well (Mom and those who care :)) and a picture of Addy with Beth, DD's gal. I hope you enjoy them! More videos soon.


grandpa said...


Another great picture of you and Addy. More of these please!!!

Does that girl always have her tounge out these days?

Teeth look great. Just in time for solid food.

We love you all (4).

david said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tara Worthington said...

How may teeth does Addy have...2?

lister said...

Awww! Once again cute pictures! Addy is an AWESOME bass player! She could put nate out of a job in a few years. lol.

Kathy Swart said...

I am so glad the snow came at last, Connor was fasinated with it.

The wagon ride looks like a blast!

Bipin Sen said...

ahhhh.. i wanna know what the blog administrator deleted! hehe...

it's 6:30 and there's so much light outside. spring is here - i love it.

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

ditto bipin! hehe!

great hat! Did someone make it?

what did Addy think of the snow this week?