Friday, October 16, 2009

You gotta do what you gotta do

Well, its official. I'm a bad mom. I have very few pictures of Nicholas' first year of life. Its really quite depressing. And now, with #4 on the way (yes, I'm pregnant) I'm a little worried I might end up with NO pictures of the next little one! :o

So, feeling guilty, I pulled out my camera today and took a few snapshots. I thought I'd throw 'em up here even if they aren't quality work. After all, its a family blog, not a professional one, right? :)

The kids jump on the couches. This makes things interesting when we go to other people's houses and they jump on their couches. Usually people like to say things like, "Your mommy doesn't let you jump on your couches, does she?" To which they get a confused look from my children and a "Yes, she does." response. Classic.

Here's Addy jumping in her favorite outfit.

family snapshots

family snapshots

family snapshots

John Michael sets up the table in between the couches and plays Buzz Lightyear yelling, "To Infinity and Beyond!" over and over. :) He has so much energy its almost comical. Too bad it isn't contagious.

family snapshots

family snapshots

There's nobody like him. He's goofy and crazy and wild and endearing in every way imagineable. Even his pouting makes me chuckle... at least temporarily. He's a middle child to the T and I love it. :)

family snapshots

And he still adores his "B."

family snapshots

And my baby. My sweet little peanut. He's still quite tiny (I'm not publicly announcing that he's in the 10th percentile for weight). He's beginning to stand on his own, though he's not walking at all unless he's "cruising".

family snapshots

He recently developed a love for the piano.....

family snapshots

as well as pulling his sister's hair.

doonks pulls addy's hair

We can't quite figure out how he is so skinny... he LOVES to eat - for breakfast he can easily down a container of yogurt, 3 waffles, applesauce, grapes and Cheerios. He's got the metabolism I would die for. :)

family snapshots

I won't say more soon... how cliche of me... and you wouldn't believe me anyway. But if guilt has its way it won't be too long before I post again. :)


Emilee Stanley said...

Maybe a comment will encourage you to post again! Loved them. Thanks for taking the time to do it. My kids love to jump on the bed. And I often hear people saying the same thing, "your mommy doesn't allow you to jump on the bed..." I figure they are only young once and our furniture isn't very nice - so jump away!

The Ritters said...

Nicholas is too cute!!! I've not seen a pic of him since he was probably an itty-bitty. I love his smile and his abundance of hair. :) I can't believe how big Addy and JM are either! They grow up way too fast!

Tara Sasser said...

Finally a post! Nicholas's hair is getting long, is it time for his first hair cut yet?

Funny the kiddos don't jump on Tia Tara's couch, just on the bed inthe basement.

Bipin Sen said...

great to see the full spread blog! the pictures sure do "pop" out this way!

Travis and Amber said...

cute pictures! I let my kiddos jump on the couch and bed. And jump off of lots of things they probably shouldn't! =)

Joslynn said...

yay! I love both posts!