Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nicholas "Doonka" - our little monkey!

For those of you who don't already know, Nicholas' was affectionately nicknamed "Doonka" by Adeline when he was just weeks old. The nickname, unfortunately for him, has not only stuck but in true Hamstra-Kotynski clan form has morphed into a variety of names: Doonks, Doonkster bottoms, Doonky boy, etc.

Nicholas is the baby everyone says looks like me. He's got the dark hair and his eyes aren't as crystal blue as Adeline's or John Michael's. In fact sometimes I think they look green!

Nick October 20 2009 2 blog

He's a ghetto crawler. He usually crawls with one knee and one set of toes. If he's not using that method he'll resort to hands and toes and on a rare occasion (though more often these days) he'll actually crawl properly. I'm sad to admit that the hands and toes thing might have originated from his unwillingness to touch my dirty floors. :)

Nick the ghetto crawler Oct 20 2009 blog

Getting pictures of him is tricky. He doesn't really like to look at the camera and he's constantly moving - though I guess most moms of 1 year old boys don't expect much more. :) Here he is trying to catch the little dusties you can see in the window light. It made me laugh.

Nick catching dusties oct 20 2009 blog

Nick catching dusties 2  blog

And my very favorite physical attribute about Nicholas right now is his hair. :) I've never been able to grow John Michael's hair out - its too course or frizzy or something... but Nicholas' just looks so cute I can't bring myself to cut it!

Nick fave blog

With the exception of a short time in John Michael's life, none of our kids have shown a strong preference for Mommy or Daddy. They seem to love us equally and prefer us equally. Some nights its all Mommy and others its all Daddy... but Doonka ADORES his Daddy. He looks for him outside (until he gets distracted by the barking dogs and starts barking back) and gets SO excited when he gets home.

Nick peeking blog

He's going through a rough stage right now... not sure what things are upsetting him but he's definitely crabbier than normal. I keep thinking teeth are the culprit but he's 1 year old and still only has the two teeth on the bottom! He also has some food "issues" that I can't quite figure out - some slight excema and some bad diapers but nothing seems to be the reason for it. Part of me is pretending that if I ignore it he'll outgrow it... is that silly?

Anyway, we love the little guy. I can't believe he's going to be a big brother in a few months! He's still such a baby. But, I'm sure he'll love it and adapt to it the way he adapts to most everything else, with a smile. :)


Emilee Stanley said...

Loving the updated pics of your kids. And I agree, his hair is adorable! (But that's coming from a mom of a moppy-headed-boy!)

Samantha said...

I love his hair. and his smiley, sweet spirit. :)

Alison Sexton said...

Ohhh we are going to get spoiled by all of these pictures! It's sweet that the baby that looks like you loves his daddy:) They are all so adorable.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe how big he is getting. i have yet to see him in person. he is adorable.
mary p.

Mary said...

it is funny because as soon as ian started to grow out his hair, i took a pair of scissors to it. i didn't want people thinking that he was a girl. i felt that they would, the platinum blonde that he is.