Thursday, December 06, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Well, its officially full blown Christmas season here! Christmas sales have been on since July, Christmas music since just before Thanksgiving (sorry Dad), but we finally have our Christmas tree and our Christmas snow!

We went the Monday after Thanksgiving to get our Christmas tree and contrary to my lazy preferences we went as a family! I figure Addy is probably old enough to really enjoy something like this so I bundled up the kids and dragged myself out of the house out into the freezing cold to Home Depot. We went in and immediately picked out a tree. It was all a bit anti-climactic.... UNTIL we started walking through the store. Addy was in awe of all the snowmen, Santa Clauses (she esp liked the Santa on a motorcyle, "just like Uncle DD"), and even a Mickey Mouse. She was quite the spectacle as she went around hugging all of the displays. :)

Here we are picking out our tree:

Something must be in the air because not only did I go with Johnny to get the tree this year (I think that's a first??) but we got it decorated the FIRST night! Now, this is NOT something I let the kids partake in. We don't have one of those fun, kid friendly trees. We have breakable ornaments, etc. They had their own trees in their rooms we decorated later but before beginning on this one we put the kiddos to bed!

We aren't total Scrooges though. After getting the tree 99% done we woke up our little monkey (Addy) and let her come put the finishing touches on the tree. Here she is, half awake, enjoying the sight. She was grinning and cuddly over her new Christmas tree and even though its been up for a while now she regularly informs friends that she has a Christmas tree. :)

And finally, our Christmas snow. It snowed Thanksgiving day (Johnny & Tara ran the pumpkin plod in it!!) but it didn't stick. A couple of nights ago we got a big snow. I think its between 3-4" but I'm not positive. So, shockingly, I also went out with the kids in the snow! Johnny loves going to play with the kids but I'm a bit of a grump about it. Its tons of work and.... well, tons of work! But, I'm dying to my laziness here and trying to make memories for the kiddies sake. :) Pictures soon, I promise!

*woops! this picture is sideways... :( its the post on our porch.


Tara Sasser said...

Sounds like you have caught the Christmas spirit...I am jealous. No tree this year for us, doesn't help in selling our condo : (

I kinda wish we had snow too, instead we are going to hit 70 degrees this weekend. IT'S DECEMBER!!!

Bipin Sen said...

Home Depot.. Hmm.. I think we need to just do that. Every year we go out to a farm with the hope of cutting down a tree. After an hour of finding fault with every tree with its roots in the ground, we buy a pre-cut one. That's our Christmas tradition! :-)

Kristin said...

YOur tree is gorgeous!! We went the 1st year to get a real tree and one fell on Dana and covered her-it was a horrific nite so ever since then we have a fake tree!! I keep it in our basement with the lights on covered by a sheet-therefore I am envious of your fun family pics of tree hunting!

Kathy said...

U r funny...yes not totally scroodge (just kidding). Congrats on the tree!

Tim and Clair said...

Yeah I think we may do Home Depot next year after the inordinate amount of money we spent this year at Luers. I do like your Scrooge attitude and may have to adopt it for next year as I really like a coordinated, symmetrically-ornamented tree!

CJ & Lori Colbert said...

Gorgeous tree Michelle! You did a beautiful job of decorating it. I told CJ that our tiny pre-lit tree will be Triniti's tree next year, and maybe we can start our own Colbert family tradition of chopping down a real tree. :)