Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adeline. Age Seven.

Addy has been growing up so much!  She turned seven a couple of months ago and we have been enjoying watching her grow in her independence!  

 This past year we moved her to her own bedroom on the same level as us and she LOVES having her own room.  She said living with the boys upstairs was like living with a stampede of elephants!

She is an amazing reader.  After Kindergarten she tested into a fourth grade reading level! Every night before she goes to bed she listens to Adventures in Odyssey and reads as long as we'll let her. 

Being a good reader has helped Addy to become a great student!  Here she is at our dining room table plugging away at school. What a serious student...

Who knows how to melt my heart! 

Here she is reviewing her History lessons. 

Such a funny position to read in!

Probably her most exciting step toward independence has been learning how to ride a bike!




 Addy was also able to be a part of Gems this year. She absolutely loved the opportunity to be with other girls her age and older and learn about loving Jesus and serving Him with her life.  Here she is on her way to the Gems sleepover.  She was so excited!

We are so crazy about you Adeline!  You are smart and funny and witty and you have the most amazing memory! I love that you love to wear dresses and high heels and you have your own ideas and opinions about everything.  I love that your best friend is John Michael and that you are like a little mama to Nicholas and Greyson.  Thank you for loving us back and sneaking into our bed and reading about Laura Ingalls Wilder and Anne of Green Gables with your daddy and me!  


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