Friday, June 27, 2008


Summertime has been interesting so far. Johnny has been pretty busy with church stuff (missions trips, events, etc.) and the weather hasn't been super hot. Here are some updates:

Addy LOVES the new pool she got for her birthday! She asks to go in it about every day - even if its cold and rainy.... John Michael on the other hand HATES it. He cries if you just ask him if he wants to go swimming! :(

John Michael is a bit obsessed with motorcycles. He loves DD's bike and would sit on it for an hour if we let him. I'm not kidding. The other night he sat on it for 25 minutes before I got tired of watching him sit there and made him get off... kicking and screaming! And then DD was taking the kids on rides and after JM's turn he was a wreck that he had to take turns. The little stinker.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures - there was a fingerprint on my lens. :)

This pregnancy has been similar to the one with John Michael... mainly in these areas:

I have PICA. blah, ick. For those of you who aren't familiar with PICA its basically a craving for non-edible items. They can vary from rocks to soap and anything in between! Here are the things that I crave the most: freshly cut grass, permanent markers, car exhaust, nail polish & remover, toothpaste, soap... but it doesn't end there - almost anything with a chemical smell attracts me, anything earthy (dirt, weeds, leaves, etc.) sounds delicious!

Now before any of you freak out - I don't actually consume any of these things - - though many women with PICA do. Its origin is unknown but there have been links to vitamin deficiencies in women who have Pica. I do my best but even when I'm taking vitamins and eating well I still can't satisfy my cravings!! :( But, I will go down fighting - I eat "green" things as often as I can. My current favorite late night snack is a big plate of raw, plain broccoli. Weird, I know. It isn't grass or nail polish but it does taste relatively earthy.

I have 12 weeks to go (I'm currently 28 weeks) and have gained about 15 pounds so far. That may sound like a good thing to some of you but the truth is that I had gained about 7 pounds right before I got pregnant (from November-January) and never lost it so I was already a bit over my normal weight anyway.

The baby moves around a ton, especially at night, and both kids are excited for him/her to arrive. They change their minds daily on what they think it is now - though Addy was convinced for the first 5 months that it was a boy. I kind of think it is too. :)

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos from a while ago - recent ones are coming, I promise!

did i post this one?

here are some pictures of the kids playing with a bubble machine i bought them while johnny was out of town. they love it!

check out the photography blog for new pictures of triniti!


Trillia said...

Michelle! JM is so cute! I think he's getting to be such a handsome little boy. I love all your pics. As far as PICA (or whatever the initials are) I had it too! I craved sponges. I loved to squeeze them, smell them, and even once I bit one and chewed on it like chewing gum. So weird.

Even now I enjoy handwashing dishes sometimes because I like the way sponges feel.

Anyways, Thern thought it was the weirdest and funniest thing to watch. I also liked the smell of his closet.

What funny memories! Glad the preg is going well!

love ya,


swart said...

Should I bring you a plate of rocks and bright red nail varnish? Shame man!

Bipin Sen said...

You keep talking about a pool.. I haven't seen any pictures of it yet.. Is it a backyard pool?