Monday, November 05, 2007

photography jobs

Well, we're off to England on Wednesda morning! My mom is coming to watch the kiddies and we'll be kid free for 5.5 days. Truthfully, I'm not ready for it... but I've gotten this far by just avoiding thinking about it. So, hopefully all will go well!

My friend Elizabeth hired me to do some photography for her family. It was a funny session. I was coming down with a cold (that I'm still coming down with) and her sweet, happy baby was having an off afternoon. We won't post the pictures of him communicating his preference to stay at home! :) He's normally so sweet and content so we may try to squeeze in a few more shots of just him when I come back from England. Who knows, maybe the beautiful tree in her yard will shed its leaves and paint a lovely background for her little man!

I'll leave Elizabeth to show you the faces of her family... but here are a few teasers for you!


Bipin Sen said...

Have a fun time! Say hi to the queen! :-)

Bipin Sen said...

And there.. do you like the new profile picture? That was just for you - o second born! :-)

Trillia said...

You're going to England!! OH what fun! Enjoy!

David said...

Nice Nichole V. shot!


Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Love the pics! LOL!
Ruth forgot the cd last night, but I hope to get it soon. :)
Have a wonderful trip!